Can any Stoic family, past or present, beat this?

The Shillington family currently has a Stoic in every year group:-

Lochie Shillington (Grafton, Upper Sixth), Martha Shillington (Nugent, Fifth Form) and Nico Shillington (Grafton, Third Form) are all the offspring of Tommy and Polly Shillington, as is Finn Shillington (Grafton 17).

The mother of Connie Brooks (Stanhope, Fourth Form) and Evie Brooks (Stanhope, Third Form) is Mrs Katie Brooks (née Shillington, Nugent 87) who is herself an Old Stoic and is Tommy’s sister.

Micky Shillington (Bruce, Lower Sixth) is their cousin. His parents are Jonathan (Temple 89) and Mary Shillington, his uncle was Edward Shillington (Temple 91), his grandfather is Anthony Shillington (Chatham 61) and his great uncle was Colin Shillington (Chatham 57).

Tommy and Katie’s grandfather and Jonathan’s grandfather were brothers, so all six current Stoics share the same great great grandfather, Major David Graham Shillington (1872-1944), MP (Northern Ireland).

Is there any other family who has had a Stoic in every year group simultaneously, and is the relative that they all share more recent than their great great grandfather?

If any family can beat this record, please send details to Anna Semler via or telephone 01280 818349.