Brian Macoun (Grafton 60)

Brian writes, “Last year was dramatic in Kenya. In March, Tristan Voorspuy, the father of Archie Voorspuy (Chatham 10) and Imo Voorspuy (Lyttelton 12), was murdered by cattle trespassers on Sosian Ranch, in Liakipia area, which is partly owned by the Voorspuy family. Tristan was shot at close range by an armed intruder, together with his horse which he had ridden to where the intruders had burnt down a house on the property. Tristan was a well known and much respected operator of horse riding adventure safaris. He was also a passionate wildlife conservationist. He had served in The Blues and Royals. Archie Voorspuy manages a ranch nearby. Imo lives at Deloraine House in the Rift valley. Adrian Dangar (Temple 81) is currently writing a book about Tristan’s life. Adrian is a well known Huntsman and runs a travel business. The Laikipia area in Kenya still remains unstable and the recent elections have been confused and unresolved. Simon Sladen (Grafton 61) visited Kenya in 2016 where he was born and where his family farmed from 1919. My brother, Tony Macoun (Grafton 62) visited myself and my mother Geraldine Macoun, now 101 (sister of Edward Sladen, (Bruce 31) who died in action in Burma 1944, with the Kenyan forces). Tony Macoun has recently retired as Chairman of Pearson College on Vancouver Island. He remains involved with the United World Colleges and IB. Various Old Stoics live in Kenya, or visit often, including Humphrey Carter (Chandos 82), Richard Britten-Long (Temple 71), Bruce Ryrie (Grafton 80), Mark Lecchini (Grafton 81), and Rosie Rudd (née Marshall, Stanhope 80). Many younger OSs also come and go including Milo McConnell, Fitzjohns, Coulsons, Vere-Nichols, Mwendwa family and others. Dr Anthony Wallersteiner visited Kenya again in 2017 and a dinner was held at Muthaiga Country Club; well organised by Victoria Mwendwa (mother of several Stoics).”