Alasdair Kennedy (Walpole 64)

A poem from Alasdair:

The Corinthian Spirit

While waiting to hear if I could help two Old Stoics stranded in Lima last year,

I remembered my time at Stowe and took a moment to recall and reflect,

So here I include a few short memories and thoughts that I hold very dear,

A time and experience in my life that I am grateful for and will never forget …

While I walked from Walpole House to the Chapel at the start of each day,

On the left, fields and lakes, and the Corinthian Arch standing firm and fast,

In the afternoon I would return to play rugby or cricket there in the Stoic Way,

I knew I was surrounded by tradition with a vision of a future that would last.

While at Stowe, amongst other things, I lived to run with a desire to succeed,

With each step my first priority was always for my team and to be my best,

Along the cross country trails I had time to contemplate my plan to proceed,

With a focus that would serve me in the future during my life’s long quest.

While finally Ben and Poppy arrived back in the UK safe and sound,

To The Corinthian I wrote that, “all Old Stoics should never feel alone”,

When there is a fellow old school mate close by that can be found,

Standing by to offer support if necessary to provide a temporary home.