Unsung Worthies

With Stowe’s centenary fast approaching, David Donaldson (Former staff 1957-1973) has highlighted the need to pay tribute to the great many support staff who have worked at Stowe over the years.

He has kindly compiled a comprehensive list of staff from mentions in The Stoic but we are mindful that some names may be missing. For a copy of the list, please email oldstoic@stowe.co.uk

In addition, we would like to appeal to Old Stoics to send in their memories of particular members of staff over the years, so we can include these stories in the archive material compiled for the 2023 celebrations. We welcome memories, photographs and ephemera of all kinds and on all topics for the centenary collection. Please email oldstoic@stowe.co.uk or send to Old Stoic Office, Stowe, School, Buckingham, MK18 5EH. If you are unable to type or write by hand and need to dictate over the telephone please call 01280 818349.