Tim Dew (Chandos 90)

Tim Dew launches Rocket! In February this year Games Without Frontiers, a business simulation venture, launched its first game, Rocket. This fun, fast-paced, fully immersive game will train a team of players to run a successful business. In only one day. Players take on roles in marketing, sales, finance, production and director level. Four rounds, each lasting 26 minutes simulates 26 weeks of trade with reflection periods in between allowing players to think, discuss, plan and then implement those changes in the next round. It will bring awareness and a deep understanding to team members from across the company as to how their actions can positively (and adversely!) impact on other individuals and the business as a whole. The game will be of particular interest to business owners or directors: whether it is ‘talent-spotting’, employee buy-out, merger or simply making the business go faster, Rocket is a powerful tool for senior management. Games Without Frontiers has big plans with a number of new games in design and production. Watch this space!