Sir Michael Ridley (Cobham 56)

Michael writes, “Although travel has been very limited over the last twelve months, I have been able to have lunch with Roger Trevor in Dorset several times as it is an easy journey from London by train. My brother David was over from Zurich for ten days in October and one day we made the trip together. The enclosed photograph hardly flatters anyone – but I suppose our natural good looks become distorted by the camera now we are in our eighties. 

David and I were kindly given a lift to Stowe by Robert Thomas for the Roxburgh Society Lunch on a perfect autumn day and the views from the South Front Portico were well worth the journey many times over. I have kept in touch with Robin Charlton and Michael Fincham by phone and email and they both seem well. We have not managed a reunion of the four of us (including Roger), who were once squeezed into a Cobham study room for one very happy Summer term c.1955. 

I would hate to have to account for how I spend my time, but a few holes of golf in the summer months; dinners at the Garrick; reading and seeing family all mean that (thanks also to efficient housekeeping by the Mrs.) it all passes very pleasantly. We are very fortunate.”