Sena Oztosun (Stanhope 13)

In May 2017, Sena graduated from Columbia University and received a BA magna cum laude in Economics with a minor in Psychology. A few months after her graduation, she moved from New York City to Washington DC to start her professional career at the International Monetary Fund as a Research Analyst. She has recently joined American Friends of Stowe Events Committee and has been working with the AFS team on organising multiple reunion events, including the annual Cocktail Party in October, and reaching out to new Old Stoics in the US. Please feel free to contact her if you are visiting DC area or moving/travelling to the States. She would love to hear from you and writes, “As a new member of the events team, I hope to reach out to as many Old Stoics as possible from my generation who are currently located in the US. I am in the process of creating a social media group on Facebook and LinkedIn to reach out.”