Robert Beckett (Bruce 61)

“After 52 years in South Africa, with our son, a BA pilot in the UK, and our daughter with family in Canada, the time had come for us to ‘up sticks’ from our six-acre home of 38 years. So, here we are in Sussex!

My wife and I visited Stowe last September. It was my first time since leaving in 1959. Seeing the School as it is today, was an incredible experience of transformation.

Whilst going through memorabilia, I came across a photo of Bob and Rachel Drayson taken during their trip to Cape Town in January 1974. It was such a pleasure meeting them and to have them stay in my Sea Point flat. I recall taking them on a tour of the Peninsula and the wine lands around Stellebosch. Though an embarrassing moment ensued when I was stopped by a Traffic Officer for speeding. Having diplomatically talked my way out with a warning, Bob said: ‘Well done Robert! Clearly a Stowe education has proved worthwhile!’”