Richard Hopkinson-Woolley (Chandos 87)

Richard writes, “With my daughter, Lottie, now having finished at Stowe (Stanhope (with a short “o”!) 18) and off to the Alps for the season, I am now the proud father of two Old Stoics and my 8 years as a Stowe parent have come to an end. While relieved in one respect to have made it through to the end, I shall miss having such regular contact with what is undoubtedly the best Country Club in the land! Joking aside, what a great investment it has been and the Headmaster was true to his word when he told the third form parents all those years back that he guaranteed that at the end of the 5 years, we’d have young men and women with whom one would want to go for a drink in the pub and spend time socially. Actually, he was wrong in one respect; one drink is not long enough! Ed (Chatham 15) and I have already been enjoying Old Stoic events together, whether it be OS Property Club lunches or the great evening for the OS Dinner on HMS Belfast. I am looking forward to so many more such occasions with both Ed and Lottie in years to come. As a family, we have been back to Craig Barnard’s (Bruce 65) Body Holiday at Le Sport in St Lucia and we have also continued to enjoy the excellent Rosé from Chateau Bauduc owned by Gavin Quinney (Cobham 78). I heartily recommend both to everyone.”