Penny Newman (Stanhope 80)

Penny writes, “Having worked as a GP, Medical and Public Health Director and Executive Coach in 2017, I took a sabbatical to grow our pioneering work in health coaching as an NHS Innovation Fellow and complete my coaching MSc. Based on behaviour change science, we offer training and consultancy across the UK, providing thousands of clinicians and their organisations with new skills that help motivate people to improve their health behaviours, reducing reliance on health and social care. My work with UN Women on gender equality catalysed adoption of the goal of 50:50 by 2020 at Board level across all NHS hospitals. As reward for nearly 30 years in the NHS and to escape my three teenage girls, I bought myself a shed and a dog. All have benefited from the move. Please contact for ‘shed coaching’, health coaching or if you are in Suffolk.”   @betterconvo