Nick Arden (Cobham 61)

Nick writes, “I recently returned to Vancouver (British Columbia) for the fourth time since emigrating to Canada in 1966. (I’ve always regarded Vancouver as ‘home’ in Canada, even though I’ve lived a total of 35 years in Ontario.) My recent move makes quite a story.

When I emigrated, I rented a second-floor bachelor apartment on Haro Street in Vancouver’s West End. When I returned in 2007, I had a 2-bedroom apartment, also on Haro (with a wonderful view). Now, on what I hope is my last return, I am renting a 1-bedroom apartment on Haro – on the tenth floor of the same building I lived in in 1966 (also with a lovely view). So, it will have taken me 55 years to move up eight floors!

From a career viewpoint, I’m making my 14th pivot, focussing on the impact of converging technologies on the availability of paid employment.”