Nic Tissot (Chatham 94)

Nick writes, “I am nearing the end of my second year at Maseco, a private wealth manager specialising in looking after Americans in the UK/Europe or Brits in the US. It’s going very well and my family are all well, too. We are living in Wiltshire and the kids are growing quickly (Tatiana 14, Elodie 12 and Felix 9). I still run a fair amount, however, seem to spend much of my spare time supporting the kids playing sport or acting like an Uber driver ferrying them around. I see many Old Stoics – David Laffan (Chatham 94), Tim Doxford (Chandos 94), Rupert Elwes (Chatham 94), Charlie Clare (Chatham 94), James Doxford (Chandos 93), Giles Smith Walker (Chatham 94), Robin Devereux (Chatham 94), Guy Wheeler (Cobham 94), Ali Gemmell (Chatham 94) and many more. I hope to visit Stowe soon.”