News from Stowe: Stowe in Pictures

In Michaelmas Term 2018, we began a very exciting project that we plan to run through until our Centenary celebrations in 2023.

We have been joined by the celebrated photographer Jonathan Glynn Smith, who will be spending time at the School over the coming years to work on a photography book that will help us both document the life of this extraordinary place and the people within it.

Already, his photos really have given us a glimpse into how much fun this community is, how industrious the pupils and staff are and what a friendly, and of course beautiful, environment we all exist in here.

Instead of writing a piece this year about the life of the School over the last 12 months, I thought that I would show you using some of Jonathan’s pictures documenting the life of this busy place. I hope that you enjoying seeing inside Stowe today and I hope that you will enjoy looking at his images on the website as the project progresses. If you are on Instagram you can follow @stowestudio100 to see the images as they are taken.

The outcome of the project is most certainly going to be a stunning piece of work if these images are anything to go by and we look forward to sharing our plans with you as they develop over the coming years.

Tori Roddy, Director of Marketing and Admissions