Nathaniel Parsons (Walpole 65)

Nat writes, “When we arrived here in the rural Highlands of Perthshire some few years ago now, we inherited, along with a pretty impressive view, a rather tumbledown stone barn with, under the nettles and piles of barbed wire and other unmentionable agricultural detritus, the remnants of the farm’s corn and timber water mill; including the skeleton of the cast iron wheel. After a long-winded and rather dilertry debate, we renovated both barn and wheel. It looked, if you squinted hard and stood at a fair distance, rather Constablesque – but it wasn’t contributing in any material way. No good. 

Thus, we have now coupled it to a hefty, though embarrassingly low, output generator, which we are pleased with. There have been innumerable hitches and holdups on the way to launch but we have been up and running now for a week or two, so this news is hot off the press. However, I calculate that it will take a LONG while to recoup the investment! Possibly a cautionary tale to debate in the current environment one might say. But we are doing our bit and generating as I write!”

PS. ‘Dilertry’… an old rural Oxfordshire expression meaning “somewhat confused, unfocussed, slow”.