Mr Nigel Williamson (Cobham 56)

26 June 1938 – 9 December 2021

Nigel entered Stowe as a Scholar and studied Modern Languages. He was the youngest of three brothers who, briefly, were all in the same House at the
same time.

We got to know each other well when we shared a study in the Pond Block during the Summer Term of our O-Levels. Nigel was extremely diligent. I would return for a study period to find him already hard at work at his desk. I was shamed into showing a similar sense of purpose: how I wish that influence had stayed with me.

Our times at Cambridge overlapped; we visited each other’s homes; returned for Old Stoic Days and started work in London at similar times. Nigel worked for agricultural and commodity traders Bunge, based at the Baltic Exchange before joining a Belgian company with business in many African countries.
He went to live in Belgium and sadly, we lost touch.

Years later, I was trying to help raise a sum for a Stowe Appeal and contacted as many of the Cobham fourteen as could be found. We raised a fair sum between us and were invited to the School for lunch. Nigel came over. He had married Catlyne; they had built a charming house and raised a daughter and two sons. He also re-connected with Nigel Murray (Cobham 56) and his wife Rosemary. In one combination or another we then met every year until recently.

Nigel suffered from diabetes. He had many spells in hospital; his eyesight gradually worsened and he had to have a foot amputated. None of these problems affected his cheerful and equable manner or enthusiasm for any expedition.

He survived a bout of COVID but died shortly afterwards. He was the most decent of men and loyal of friends.

Sir Michael Ridley (Cobham 56)