Marco Capella (Cobham 11)

Marco writes, “In March 2022 you will find me running, rolling and desperately scrambling my way round the golden sands of the Sahara Desert in the Marathon des Sables. An approximate distance of 254km carrying all essentials including food, water and sleeping gear. It is no surprise that this event has been globally recognised as one of ‘the world’s toughest foot races’. It will be hard. My feet will swell. They will crack. They will bleed. However, this quest for adventure has been fuelled by something far bigger. I have decided to take on this challenge in order to raise money for a charity I truly believe in, ‘Hope for Children’. Hope for Children are an international charity with a simple mission. To create brighter futures for the next generation. A world in which every child has a happy, healthy and positive childhood is something I passionately believe they deserve. However, with almost half the world’s children living in extreme poverty this is a vision that is still not yet a reality. We are helping to change this by delivering education, health, livelihoods and Child Rights projects that benefit thousands. I’m taking on this challenge in the hope that together we can make a real difference. Create some tangible change. Encourage a brighter future.”