Kate Papadimitriou (née Stephens, Nugent 96)

Kate and Alison Marston (Lyttelton 96) celebrated their 40th birthdays and 24 years of friendship in an enchanted forest themed party at the Thames Rowing Club in July 2018. Old Stoics in attendance included: Kate Papadimitriou (née Stephens, Nugent 96); Alison Marston (Lyttelton 96); Tara Lane Fox (née Kennedy, Nugent 96) Charles Woods (Grafton 97); Fiona Rogers (née Walker, Nugent 96); William Boyd-Carpenter (Grafton 94); Olivia Boyd-Carpenter (née Millar, Lyttelton 96); Polly Gladwell (née Stephens, Nugent 00); Ben Hennessy (Grafton 96); Tom Bell (Walpole 96); Serrol Osman (Grenville 96); Vicky Osman (née Bell, Nugent 00); Katherine Maxted (Lyttelton 96); Katie Garvao de Carvalho (née Mallett, Lyttelton 96); Henrietta Atkinson (née Bolland, Lyttelton 96); Amy Gibney (née Stephens, Nugent 99); James Fortescue (Chandos 96); Rupert Bowen-Jones (Grenville 96); Vikram Tellis-Nayak (Chandos 96) and Angus Havers (Temple 96).