Henry Kimbell (Chandos 04)

Henry writes, “I have been working in the corporate partnerships team for Spinal Injuries Association – a national charity that provides services and support for those with spinal cord injury. My focus at the moment is to try and balance work and family demands with two young daughters! I still keep up with a number of Old Stoics and actually two are godparents to my eldest daughter, Alex Orchard-Lisle (Chandos 04) and Sophie Wythe (née Dawes, Nugent 04). Back in 2017, I established the Old Stoic Racing Club, a fun filled racehorse syndicate aimed at Old Stoics and Parents. We have horses in training with OS Alexander Hales (Chandos 92), near Banbury, and Jonathan Portman (Chatham 83) in Lambourn. If any OSs are interested in learning more then please contact me.”