Help Wanted!

Since we set up the Old Stoic Benevolent Trust last year, growing numbers of requests have been coming in. It is very clear that there is a real need for moral support and practical and financial help. Old Stoics young and old have been in touch.

As we continue to build momentum, we’ve realised that we need to be able to offer at least some types of assistance through local, personal contact, either as a one-off response or in some cases for a longer period.

Could YOU spare a little time to help us?

The work will primarily involve making contact with another Old Stoic or their family living somewhere near you, discussing their need and liaising with the OS Office at Stowe. Sympathy and common sense are the main requirements.

We are aiming to set up a team by May, and I’m very happy to discuss what might be involved and how it will work. Please feel free to email me at or call me on 07986 100237.

We’re also keen to hear from anyone who can offer pro bono specialist advice by phone or email on

• Debt management

• Alcohol and drug problems

• Stress and mental health

Very many thanks!

Simon Shneerson (Temple 72) Chair of Trustees