Giles Thompson (Chatham 93)

Giles writes, “I got married on 20 June 2015 to Nikki, 18 Old Stoics were in attendance. My uncle, Douglas Marcuse (second from left in the photo) was Housemaster of Temple between 1986-1990. We have a 4 year old son called Toby. My wife and I own and run a business together called The OT Practice. Started about 10 years ago, we are now the largest provider of private Occupation Therapy services in the UK with a nationwide network of over 300 Occupational Therapists. We are particularly proud of our association with a number of military charities, most notably we are the selected OT provider for The Royal British Legion and RAF Benevolent Fund, assessing hundreds of beneficiaries each month with the aim of bringing them independence and a better quality of life.”