Daisy Gomme Illustration

Daisy Gomme (née Lawson, Nugent 01), kindly illustrated the cover of last year’s Old Stoic Christmas Carol Concert programme.

Daisy is a freelance illustrator with a background in graphics who works on both commercial and private projects. While completing a Master of Arts, she developed a style that fuses traditional and contemporary methods. Although she works mainly to commission, her personal work is inspired by studies in natural, social and surrealist research, which she draws from her experiences from living in various areas around the UK, UAE and France.

The concert was held in the memory of Tristain Voorspuy (Former Parent). Tristan sadly lost his life on 5 March 2017, after he rode his horse into an ambush on Sosian, a 24,000 acre ranch he co-owned in Kenya’s Laikipia region, that was occupied by armed warriors and their cattle. At the end of the concert, a collection was taken in aid of The Tristan Voorspuy Conservation Trust, a charity that has been set up to cherish the memory of Tristan and continue his philanthropic legacy towards protecting Kenya’s wildlife, both flora and fauna, for the future.

Daisy’s artwork was inspired by Kenya’s wildlife, which was the focus of Tristan’s passion, and features species which are important in Kenya. Daisy wanted to emphasise that Africa’s wildlife reaches far beyond the ‘big 5’ animals and typical safari scenes, that might instantly come to mind when thinking about Africa.

The species are she chose to draw are:

  • The Lilac-Breasted Roller – the national bird of Kenya
  • The Dark Blue Pansy Butterfly (or Junonia Oenone)
  • The Reticulated Giraffe (one of the 3 species of giraffe found in Kenya) – the giraffe is also on the TVCT logo
  • The Orchid – indigenous to Kenya
  • The Bird of Paradise Flower – an important African flower
  • Ferns
  • Foliage from the Baobab tree, which is a common tree in Africa and one of the trees that Giraffe eat

We are so grateful for Daisy’s contribution to last year’s concert; everyone loved the cover of the programme. On behalf of the TVCT and the Old Stoic Society, I would like to thank Daisy for artwork, which helped to bring a hint of Africa to Chelsea Old Church, London.

Please contact Daisy to enquire about commissions and print sales: daisy@daisygomme.com