Trevor Grossmark (Chatham 49)

Trevor writes, “When I was at Stowe all my energies were concentrated on sport and I achieved my first fifteen colours as well as being the heavyweight boxing champion. I had the misfortune to dive into the bottom of the Harrow swimming pool and this set up an inflammation that turned into osteomyelytis. Dr Bostock arranged for me to be sent home and this was just two weeks before the School Certificates of June 1949. I was never sent back and did not have any academic qualifications of any sort. Recently, I started going to Birkbeck College here in London and, after four years of attending and sitting exams, I have been awarded a BA in History of Art. Birkbeck is part of the London University and I graduated in November. My tutor reckons I could possibly be her oldest student, having just passed my 85th birthday.”