Christopher Foord-Kelcey (Walpole 63)

Christopher was transferred to his New York office in 1972; in 1990 his division was moved to Norfolk, VA and he lived there for the next 28 years in Virginia Beach. Christopher and Dee, his wife of 54 years, moved to Scottsdale, AZ in 2018 for the golf, sun and proximity to their daughters, Francesca and Carly, and four grandchildren who live in Colorado. They discovered that there were two Old Stoics living only a half mile from them – Mathew Streeton (Grafton 81) and David Lerman (Bruce 52). They all get together for a chinwag at least three or four times a year. In September 2022, Christopher and Dee visited Stowe for first time in 16 years together with Nigel Rice (Chatham 64) and Miles Dickson (Walpole 70).