Anthony Harris (Chatham 54)

“The following took place while I was at the College of Estate Management, Kensington. Having played squash in the Lansdowne Club, Berkeley Square, my friend and I walked to his flat in Petit France, passing the front of Buckingham Palace. After three guards saluted us, we realised we had been mistaken for officers. My friend said “I bet you can’t walk through Wellington barracks without being arrested.” Challenge accepted! I was saluted at the back gate and on entering I saw men relaxing with a football. After a quick visit to the officer’s mess and passing a patrolling guard at the front entrance, I strolled through, my bowler hat, umbrella and dark coat giving me an acceptable exit. I won the bet! I met an officer stationed in the barracks for a meal that evening. He didn‘t believe me until I listed the pictures I saw in the hall.”