Anthony Bolton (Chatham 67)

Music Patron is the brainchild of composer, financier and philanthropist Anthony. It makes supporting new music possible by rethinking what patronage looks like for music enthusiasts today.

Much of the great music of the past was sponsored by patronage; normally it was a few very rich patrons who used to sponsor composers giving them an income and allowing them to just compose.

Music Patron facilitates the collection of smaller amounts from a much larger number of people which, together, can add up to a meaningful income for a composer. Additionally, Music Patron creates direct relationships between patrons and composers in a way that hasn‘t been possible to date. With a direct relationship, the patron will experience the rewards of being much more involved in the creative process.

Patrons become part of the game-changing community, receiving unique opportunities to connect with composers, access to exclusive content and experiencing first-hand the difference their support makes. The ambition is to transform the prevailing funding climate for new music. By giving individual composers the financial freedom to create, Music Patron can play a meaningful role in assuring an inclusive, diverse and representative new music industry.