Anna Semler (Nugent 05)

Anna together with her husband, Matthew, are delighted to announce the safe arrival of their daughter, Antigone (Tiggy), on 30 September 2020. Anna writes, “I am missing Stowe terribly but Tiggy is a wonderful distraction and we’ve managed to take her to see the gardens a couple of times already. I am sure she will get to know them very well indeed as she grows. We have been blessed with a very jolly little girl who hardly cries and, despite a rather challenging birth, things are going very smoothly indeed, so we are counting our lucky stars. 2020 has been so tough for everyone, I’d like to send my best wishes to Old Stoics around the world and particularly to those who have lost loved ones during the fight against Covid-19. Here’s to hoping 2021 will bring brighter times for everyone.”