Anna Semler (Nugent 05)

Anna married Matthew Alexander John Wheeldon at St Mary’s Church, Blakesley, on 6 July 2019, surrounded by their family and friends. A number of Old Stoics were in attendance, including Olivia Brabant (Nugent 05), who was a bridesmaid. Anna writes, “We had the most wonderful day and made memories to last a lifetime. I’ll never forget my father driving me to the Church in my brother in law’s Series II Land Rover, with my dress barely fitting in the cab; an unplanned Lancaster Bomber flypast when we left the Church; a hilarious dance off between the Christchurch and Farley Hill Beagles and Four Shires Basset Hounds and, above all, a feeling of complete happiness and joy. We spent our honeymoon in the Italian Lakes. I’d like to thank everyone for their kind words and best wishes for our wedding, we really did have a wonderful day and I feel very lucky indeed to have found such a charming partner in crime.”