Anna Fiennes (née Casdagli, Nugent 93)

“A fully-fledged geek consumed by physics, maths, musicology and functioning neurology. I specialise in children’s sound therapy, be it with autistic, aspergers, defiance disorder or abused homeless children/ex child sex slaves/gang kids.

Recently I went to the Arctic and gave my first ever lecture alongside Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss and other seminal speakers on the mathematical relationships of complex tuning systems, spin theory and the specific hz of tuning forks.

I’m currently working on a joint venture with Stowe and the Philanthropic Department to film a documentary series with special needs children, which will explore sound and art therapy. Fundamentally it is about parents bonding with other parents or carers who are in a similar situation and getting tools to aid the complexities. It is for the brothers and sisters to have their own group and the affected children a separate group to themselves. The idea being that those involved bond with those in a similar situation and the viewer is educated on how brilliant different children are and how to communicate in a less fearful way.”